30×30 or The Hourglass Sand Is Winding Down

Recently, I was playing the game Life with my family and it got me to thinking about how little I have experienced in my own life. Being very type B and extremely willing to try new things and brave new worlds, I decided that I need to get moving and do a 30x 30 list. I am realistic enough to know that many of these I can’t do in a year and a half, but I am going to try to knock off as many as possible and work toward some of the very extreme ones.
Wish me luck and join me if you can!!!
1.Tough Mudder
2.Hot air balloon ride, 
3.Audition for American Idol
4.Boston Marathon
5.Teach overseas
6.Cross-country road trip
7.Meet my 1/2 bro in Italy
8.Own my own business as event decorator
9.Write and illustrate a children’s book
10.Be out of debt
11.Be fluent in Spanish
12.Be in a fashion show 
13.Record a CD 
14.Audition for local theater plays
15.Ride a horse
16.Go ziplining
17.Paint a mural
19.Sing National Anthem at a big arena (I’ve done smaller ones like high school games)
20.Learn to drive stick shift
21.Take classes in painting, pottery and photography.
22.Take ballroom dance lessons
23.Cave Dive (my biggest fear)
24.Learn to rebuild an engine of a car
25.Do a fun photoshoot
26.Swim with dolphins
27.Go to an opera
28.Be on a game show
29.Ride on a yacht 
30.Visit Santorini or Thessaloniki, Greece.

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