From Death to Life or Breathe

Just a moment, just please
Give my soul a chance to breathe.
Stagger, staring down my path
I want to be at home at last.

Amidst the clutter of the trees
My inner spirit could not breathe.
Heart’s delight could not restore
Where darkness is forevermore.

Blow kiss to the wind, its unreceived
So my souls now refuses to breathe.
Do you hear me when i cry?
Or are you content to walk on by?

Blue-deviled I am now I’ve conceived
Into someone else’s life you’ve breathed.
Suffocation, choking, lacking
It is into the stillness I am blacking.

Out of words, no reason to believe
That you needed me, so I dare not breathe.
Stop the rush of hope to my lungs
My ode to life no longer sung.

And then when I was nearly grieved
Another one began to breathe.
Light came in and darkness flew
Away from me, away with you.

Life goes on and i can see
Starbursts alight now that I’ve breathed.
Open arms to the sky
Happy am I to still feel alive.

My song of existence, an opera to me
My salvation’s come, I’m willed to breathe.
It’s dead to me, my other self
To rise no more, there’s nothing left.

I see the sun, I smell the leaves
I look up again, to believe, to breathe.
And once again my chest can rise
And fall and rise and fall…and rise.


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