Sun Light and S.A.D.

The sun is my friend, I am learning. I have such an affinity with it.I enjoy relaxing under its yellow-white warmth, especially in the summer. My best times are at the beach in hot August. I usualy pack a book, a water bottle, a blanket and hit the sand of the bay.

For over a week now it has been rainy day after rainy day. And some of these days the sun would weakly appear and admit its defeat to the clouds. The clouds these days just would hang lowlike a foreboding sentence over an inmate; constantly there but never pronouncing its judgment. That is what the rain is like these days. It would threaten, then renege so for the whole day, my hopes are up and then I would get a roundhouse kick whenever I DID make it outside. THAT’S when it would rain.

I understand the necessity of rain and how our ecosystems work, but honestly when rain does little to excite you, you just want to smack the person who says “be thankful” for it.


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