I Want Him

…in every aspect of the phrase. He is the one that my whole being (mind, body and soul) craves to be near. It sounds lustful, base, unladylike and even un-Christian but that is not how I mean it to be. I mean to desire him in the purest and sweetest form. The purest and sweetest love that one could have for her perfect mate. IT’s the love that only happens when you are not expecting it, but when it comes (My GOD! When it comes!) it has a power that is so tactile. you can taste it in your mouth, see it in the dark and hear it over all the noise and roar of daily life.

I am in awe of this power. Why? Because I am afraid that it is untamed. I also worry that it is one-sided, and all on my end. It would be tragic that my life FINALLY comes full circle to him only for him to feel nothing but a friendship toward me. My problem is that I am fiercely attracted to him in so many ways. There is no lust in this. Just me. Me and my rambling thoughts and untamed heart that mystifies me.


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