Hot Pink Bath Towels

I was recalling to my brother today about how I had a housewarming party at my first apartment and the interesting gifts I received. He is engaged and they are moving so I suggested he and his fiance host a party in order to get some things. I explained to him how he should tell the guests that their color scheme or themes would be. at my housewarming I told the guests that I wanted blues, greens and tans and ocean/beach themed items and that my LEAST favorite color was pink…and it still is. Amazingly I had a loving and well-meaning aunt who bought me hot pink bath towels, wash cloths and a shower curtain. She said she got it in case I decided to switch it up…not likely. But who am I to turn down free stuff? It took me about four months before I actually used any of it!

I think now about the life I have and how different I am from my first apartment. O, I still hate pink, but my aunt was still right: sometimes in life, we do need to switch things up.


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