Love Waits/Beloved

I went to Busch Gardens today. That isn’t so significant. I must have been a dozen or so times this summer. What is significant is that I only stayed three hours. Never you mind that it was 60 degrees and raining the entire time. I went because it was Passholder Appreciation Weekend. They were showing previews for the new ride (Werbolten), having giveaways and raffles and other free stuff. As usual I didn’t win the raffle but I got a souvenir reusable cup with a twisty straw. The kind that look like McDonald’s cups, but hard…the one people pay $5.00 for.
Anyhow, they also gave the passholders 30% off merchandise so I went shopping. I bought my favorite snack (2 bags of kettle corn), a beautiful pair of earrings and a steel ring. The ring was my favorite purchase of the day. It was $6 and some change and it has two hearts with a cross at the center of each that are cut out of the steel. I bought one to fit as a thumb ring. The one I really wanted was a ring that said “Love Waits” all around it.
Usually when I think of that phrase, I think of sexual purity. But today it had a different connotation to it. I have been think a great deal about my ex and how much I KNOW I love him. Not the heart palpitating kind of feelings, although those feelings seem to have been validated by my racing heartbeat at the thought of him. But I am talking about that always constant, rest assured, he’s always been there through it all kind of love. It has been my driving force over the last few days. So when I think of him, I think of how long my heart has been waiting for me to come around and realize time and distance really do make things so much more clear. So for me, LOVE WAITS for the right time.
I wish there were some way I could tell him all of this right now but the timing isn’t right. Not yet. When it is, I know he is going to know. I feel like he already knows. He has to. I hear it in his voice. I see it in his words. It is between every line that we speak or type. He has to know that I would go to the ends of the earth if it meant he would be on the other side waiting.
There is a song by Tenth Avenue North called “Beloved”. I burned it to a CD in my car and I have already determined that it will be in my wedding. It talks about how Jesus’ love is personified through vows to love his people forever. He says he wants us to bring all out secrets, cares, and things we don’t want to reveal and not be afraid because it is us he died for. I love this song as the one I want to walk down the aisle to. I have nearly worn out the CD playing it in the car today. I thought “Made For You” by Watermark was going to be it, but “Beloved has trumped that song. I want us to have the same forever as the song. And I believe it can happen.


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  1. Chris Jones

    Nice post. Patience certainly does have its benefits. You’ll have him and all you dream of in short order. Enjoy the cup 🙂

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