Rain is such a difficult weather to have to deal with. Some days I like it because, well if it’s on a lazy Saturday, then I can sleep just a little longer. The day seems to go into slow motion. I can read that book I have been wanting to finish, try a new recipe, or just write down the stuff that I have been thinking about…which is the reason rain can also be bad for me. It makes me think too much. It pours like sadness down the glass windows and flows to pretty much everywhere.

I thrive in sunlight. I don’t like to be hot, but I like the warmth that the natural heat radiating from the particular yellow globe in the sky. It is like milk to me; it does my body good. It foes my brains good too because it seems to singe all that inky blackness that the rains brought on just before the sun poked it’s head out of the clouds.

I thought today as I chugged along inside the Walmart looking for ingredients for my dinner tomorrow that I am much in need of constant summer, endless lemonade colored light surrounding me. I know that is not physically possible while on this side of heaven, but I know my soul needs it. I also know that my soul, like the soil, the flowers and the trees also needs the rainfall. As much as I hate to admit it, rainy days put life into perspective. At least, I like to think that is true.

Back to my being in Walmart…I was so vexed by how the iron colored sky affected my mood, that I only grabbed the three ingredients and hurried to the checkout counter. I was irritated when I got to the register because the lady in front of me had her twenty-items-or-less and-deliberately, it seems- took them out on…item…at…a…time…I finally muttered some terrible remark under my breath that I’m still not sure she heard it or not. She then proceeded to stand there and not move over one bit so my groceries (yes, all three of them) could be bagged. I had to wait for her to move about a half an inch an hour until finally I just grabbed my stuff from around her and stalked out the door as soon as the cashier handed me my receipt.

Sun…light…I need it.


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