Blue Paint

As many of my friends know, I have a degree in Interior Design and Fashion Merchandising. I love anything with color, unique objects, things that are artistically born. It’s pure love for me to walk into a very well put room. So I have devoted my current apartment to playing around with various ways of decorating with a super strict budget. I think I have gotten pretty savvy about designing on a dime (not to steal the name from the HGTV show…which is my favorite channel aside from ABC when Desperate Housewives is on…but I digressed!) from finding kitchy resell shops, yard sales, freecycling and the infamous Craigslist. I have bought so few new items, it’s a wonder I don’t just redesign one of said shops and just live there?!
I love walking in to a shop that has these kinds of pieces in it because it makes me feel like I am going on a treasure hunt. If I can find what I am looking for, I feel like the world makes just a little more sense. My current hunt is for either a birdcage, or a unique basket that I can use to make into a lampshade over my dining room table. I am redoing my apartment in a Moroccan Bazaar kind of theme (minus too much bizarre). I just love how bright the colors are and how festive and cultural it looks! My landlord gave me permission to paint my apartment just so long as I painted it back this boring, unpersonable white-ish color (or is it a shade?) Well that’s all the motivation I needed to bust into my bedroom with a can of gray paint and paint a focal wall. The bedroom is yellow/gray and white with minor black accents. It’s very beautiful. The room has a boutique feel with my purses hanging on the walls on one side and I am working on some paintings for the opposing side.
My current project, which is where the title comes from, is going to be bright blue, a spring green with yellow and orange accents. Don’t worry, it’ll look good! It took me 4 months and about 32 paint samples to decide on the colors before I was happy. I will be happier still once the blue paint actually makes it to the walls. I have had it for about 2 months because this is such a big deal for me!! FYI this will be my first attempt at painting a large area with a stripe pattern. I have 3 walls to cover with the blue and green stripes (and there will be a very thin stripe of gray to break it up a bit)…I plan to bring the other two colors into the foreground by painting my old furniture and with pottery/glass bottles, mirrors and my own art.

Needless to say, I plan to be here a while!


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