Altars, candles, incense, prayers.
Great orations and mass choirs.
Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists and Muslims…
On and on it goes, but when does the real faith begin?

It lies in ourselves when we choose to believe 
That our beliefs are much more than religious ceremony 
And a blank, meaningless tradition.

But how do I tell you what I know?

Life starts with faith.
Believing that I was going to be a healthy baby started with faith that everything would be fine.
But even the “unwell” child started as I did.
God willed us to be here 
And yet we traditionalize him out of the picture.

There is a battle of the mindsets on a constant, unchanging turf
…our ways of thinking.
Let me believe that things are more than a vague prayer
Or a tradition kept in an already dead church.

For what is tradition? And why have it
If it holds no meaning in your heart?


Keep it away from me.


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