No Problem/Umm…Chile

First off this is a collab of a poem by my friend Eric. (His is the first poem) I wanted to do a mirror poem in response to it. SO you gotta read the one to understand the other. Tell me what you think. đŸ™‚ and excuse the “language” of the second one. I wrote it like this to match the tone of an exasperated  person who has heard all this first person’s excuses.

“No Problem”
I do not have a problem!
I repeat…I do not have a problem!
I mean yeah
I’m a deceiver
I’m a liar

I’m a denier and
I’m a conniver, but
I do not have a problem
and no I’m not tryna come up
with excuses, cause I really do realize
that my mindset is ruthless…NO!

I do not have a problem
and besides excuse is such an ugly harsh word,
I prefer “intellectually evasive comments,” that
start with “see, the situation with that is,” or
“what had happened was,” or better yet
“there was this one time at band camp.”
So you see I not only do not have, but I cannot not have a problem!

If I indeed do have a problem, my problem would be that your
concerned with my so called problem, so if anyone…
your the one with the problem and I don’t appreciate you
tryna off your problem as my problem,
so I revert back to my previous statement that,
I do not have a problem!

I mean yeah
I party
I smoke and I drink, but
for one minute don’t think that…I don’t love the lord,
I mean I’ll give’em a praisedeluijah just as fast as the
next man, so you see that I do not have a problem!

I mean
I pray all the time
I thank him for blessing me and
I ask’em for stuff, but
I do all I can, I can’t do no more
cause times be rough

Yeah maybe I could squeeze in a couple more
services, but see the situation with that is, my schedule
it be…and I be…and
Yeah maybe I could have a stronger prayer life,
but, see what had happened was my momma and grandmomma
pray for me and they warriors so I can live off their prayers for
the next 5…10…15 years…and
Yeah maybe I could take the opportunities I have to witness to actual witness, but
see there was this one time at band camp and I approached a fellow
humble and the next thing I knew the bull Qua wanted to rumble & things
got out of hand, but to make a long story short…I do not have a problem

Like I said none of these are excuses, there simply intellectually evasive
and please don’t think that I’m coming off abrasive, but it’s so much
Easier to stay where I’m at, cause I’m COMFORTABLE!
it’s easy to do the things I do, go the places I go, say the things I say,
and rock the way I rock cause when I look at the clock…
I got plenty of time…..or do I?
Yeah I got time to come around cause by the time the horn blows and the sky cracks
I’ll basically be in the ground and I’ll have had the chance to live my life fully
the way I wanted to live, so there was never a reason then to fully
submit it…..or was there?
Yeah I got time cause even though they say these are the last days, they’ve been
the last days since the last days been the last days, so I figured I got a few
more days…or years…..or do I?

So I’m a continue to be “intellectually evasive” and
i’m a continue to be
a deceiver
a liar
a denier and
a conniver and
I’m a continue to
party smoke and
drink cause I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM…or do I?

-Young Dictionary


So youngin’ you say you doin’ good
And life turned out like it should
because you ain’t in the wrong.
Missed the point right there you did
And in your tangled web you hid
behind your comfort zone.

Your reason is clouded illogically
By your metaphor and your simile
of your mindless mindgaming.
The foolishness of all your days
Has clouded your judgment in a thousand ways
So I say Nigga Please.

Say what-cha want,
talk ya trash to me
I stopped listening to your jivin totally
Who cares if it don’t mean nothin’?
I lost interest in your mess at the get go
of this twisted diverted and tiresome convo
So son you missed the bus.

You sayin’ its the rest of us
That life mighta got the best of us
but let me spit this script at you
I played at your stupidity
and it finally started to get at me
And I say it again Nigga Please.

So sing ya pitiful lonely blues
Cuz baby I got news for you-
It ain’t me that’s been misled.
Your demise is your twisted doctrine
That has you so blindly mockin’
Eva’thing that has ever sustained you.

Foolish , ignorant, selfish man
Get off ya tired verse and try again
Your stories have dug you in deeper
You better reach out to all that’s savin’ you
For all you know you dyin’ too
Cuz ya yo stupid, selfish self.

Chile let me tell youone mo’ ‘gain
Betta respect yo grandmomma and what she’s been prayin’
She bled on her hands and knees.
Bent God’s ear she sho’ ’nuff has
To save yo lyin stupid ***
So FINALLY Nigga Please.



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