The Dreamer’s Lament

“I know you dream- we meet there when we can…”

-I will meet you there tonight.
But by the time you get this the sun will have come
And I will miss you again.

We are like two spheres spiraling around one central mass.
Reaching, but never touching.
Grasping but never gripping.
What a terrible state to be in!

The blanket of stars shall envelop us both
But the blanket is so vast that even as I crawl beneath it
And roll towards you,
I can never find you.

That is how this makes me feel.

So when you find the “shadow-me”
Amongst the clutter of lucid dreaming
Reach out. I hope I can finally connect.

Hope causes me to wait.
Waiting causes me to wish.
Wishing causes me to dream again.

And in these dreams I will finally come full circle.
Eventually I will find you,
And you will find me.


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