You May

Have me in the early dawn as the sky kisses the first blade of grass it sees.
It tickles the face of the balding hill and blows into the ears of the now sleeping fawn.
Trickle and spiral the sweetest touch of sugar coated tangy lips like lemon drops upon the nape of my neck.
You ask me to give and I say…

You may have a nibble of the last cookie on the plate as long as you share the final morsel with me.
The tiniest peck against my coffee colored brow can drive the winter storm away.
Break the stillness of the rigid late morning air and explode my senses like the strongly caffeinated brew.
You drink it in and still I say…

You may dare step away from me in the high of noon, but the moment you do I shall close the breach.
Mix in a little spice with the everything nice of the girl I am made of and you have magic before you now.
Butter-soft laughter ripples through me and the air around resounds with it too on one accord.
You ask to kiss me and again I say…

You may pull the nightshades and let a shadow dance begin upon walls and floors and chests of wood.
The hum of comfortable conversation reverberates through our throats as we appreciate what we have
I acknowledge your love and you accept mine in return with no reservation or impropriety.
I give you take, I take and you say

“You may”.


-Keisha Whitfield


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