Trees With Faces and Wallpapered Mailboxes

I know the title today is quirky, but these are the things that I saw today as I went on my 5 mile walk. Yeah, you heard right…5 miles: count ’em. Aaaanyhow. So I was thinking about all the crazy things I could write about today and I passed by some quirky mailboxes and house decor. Take for example the one family that had the tree in their yard with a face on it. And I don’t mean a spray painted smiley either. This thing was 3D (or should I say “tree”D?—yeah that was lame). It looked like someone robbed a Mr. Potato Head of his identity. I looked at the porch and saw a giant wall clock  and colorful chairs. Then there was the house that had a mailbox with a purple and gold wallpaper with a symbol similar to the New Orleans Saints on it. That one left me with a question mark over my head. Of course I also saw all the houses that had normal boxes and some that looked like little houses and some that were the plastic kind that always remind me of a Playskool set (you know the green and tan rounded ones?)

I also started physical therapy today too. I already really like my therapist. She is great. Nothing like my surgeon who calls me “Rubber Band Girl”.  Last time I saw that guy he was forcing my arm to do things it was CLEARLY not ready to do! she decided that it would be best not to force it. I had limited range in my arm so she is gonna go slow on me until I get range. That being sad I have zero strength in my arm. I feel like I have jello in my skin- I am such a wimp/gimp!


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