Ooh, Shiny Stuff!

So today I went to a business meeting/conference/educational/personal development thingy. It was great. All about building your relationship/product and service/personnel capital in spite of the economic crisis. I am feeling all juiced up about doing my wedding planning venture. Juiced, but no car…yet. Working on getting things off the ground. I went in jeans…wished I went in more prepared.

There was this lady at the conference/meeting…who will remain nameless (not that she reads blogs. And I am NOT being judgmental; she kinda made it apparent as you will read on further down). Actually I will give her a name; Nadine. CLEARLY this woman had ADD because in the 3 minutes we spoke at our table, we talked (well she did actually; I quit trying after a while) about how she doesn’t like juice, she insulted me for not wearing jewelry when I told her I design jewelry, and interrupted me several times when another member was talking to me. It almost messed up my Day 2 of the challenge! To make it worse, she kept blurting out stuff when the speaker was talking! At a PROFESSIONALS meeting!

WHEW! Now that I got that out in the open air…I also had my landlord walk in my apartment while I was asleep at 8:30 am to check out my ceiling leak situation. She tells me that “It’s not as bad” as she thought. Meanwhile there are holes punched into my ceiling and it’s not that bad (?). Enter the roofers. One comes into my apartment a few hours later and tells me that there is about 8 inches of water over my dining AND living room ceiling! In his words “a swimming pool”. I could only laugh at the landlord’s comments.

Let’s see, other stuff…oh yeah. I successfully made it through day 2 (3). No road rage, just slight irritation at the meeting with Nadine. The bishop, our speaker was telling us that we need to read and self educate to become successful. Nadine makes sure everyone in hearing range knows she doesn’t like to read- several times. She even asked me what I thought of one of the other businessmen 4 tables down! She kept saying how good looking he was and stuff…omg.

Well that is how my day was…I hope you got a laugh and now I hope you have a good night 🙂


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