Indigo Nights

Doesn’t that title just make you get all chilled out? I love it. I just felt like putting down my final thoughts for this evening. I am feeling really chilled out in the midst of everything. Right now my left arm vein is looking all indigo-ish from the needle when I gave platelets at the Red Cross. Called a nurse and she said (in her exact words) that I don’t need to see a doctor, but “just nuke a wet towel and keep it on the injection site”…true story. I don’t know how I feel about a nurse telling me to “nuke” anything but she got the degree right? I was kinda weirded out by the whole conversation because as I was explaining the situation to her, she was like “UH-huh..mmm..hol’ on a second”. She then clicks off and apparently talked to someone for a minute before coming back to me…oh the hilarity that is my life!

Earlier today, it rained so hard, my ceiling leaked. In fact it is a plaster ceiling and it..cracked in about 3 places. So my dining room looks like I just moved in and there is drwall and plaster on the floor, a huge blue tarp under a rubbermaid container and about 12 small holes and 2 giant holes in my ceiling. Fun times in the apartment. I have only been here a month! Other than that, it’s a nice place to live. Oh and other than the stalkerish guy that lives in the building next over. He goes to my church so it’s not like I can be MEAN or something. Still working on how to tell him to STOP showing up at my door. Another true story: I hemmed a pair of pants for him once and to thank me he brought me a carving turkey…like the kind you get sliced up at the deli! I don’t know about you but wht am I supposed to do with a GIANT turkey? Well I gave half of it away. I can only eat so many turkey sandwiches and I did make a pasta with some. It was a good -albeit weird- gesture.

All right, all right all right..this concludes my indigo nights therapy session.


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