Recession Indigestion and Anger Management 101

Today began like every other day in the past few months…with the exception of the bill collectors hounding me at 7:30 am. Maybe I should one-up them and start calling THEM at 5 am? Nah, I am too tired to think that early.
Nothing really going on except that I am trying to do this 10 Day Challenge. Basically I have to not say anything negative for ten straight days. I am on day 2, which is technically now day 1 since I messed up on the first day. Today has been so far, so good. I didn’t even have the usual case of road rage I usually get while driving down Military Highway. There was this one guy going 20 in a 45 but I held my peace. It felt good.
It’s hilarious that I am usually a fairly calm person, but for some reason when I get behind the wheel, another life form (that just happens to look like me) takes over my body. I can’t explain it!
As far as my positivity other than that, I think I have been a lot better. Today’s thoughts are on not complaining. I know I have a habit of doing that, so I am going to consciously make an effort to put that on chill mode. Seriously, I know things are rough in my life right now, but 1) there is a lesson to be learned and 2) there are others who have it worse (I keep hearing that “starving children in India” line being replayed in my head). I mean, I have a roof over my head, food in thhe pantry, clothes for my body, friends and my health if you don’t count my crazy arm. I’m good. It may not FEEL good, but in the end, God will work it out FOR my good!
Enough of this for today. I hope that whoever reads this can find some wisdom in the scribbling that I post on here. this is more therapeutic for me than anything else, but God bless you if you just stumbled across something you needed to hear.
Cheers friends!


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